Welcome to our newest page.

Although we have a binder full of information for our guests at the lake house, We will try to add quick overviews and additional information that is not in the binder, about our place on this page.

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This section was updated in mid-July 2021:

We just celebrated our one year anniversary of owning our lake house back in March! We have had to fix quite a few things over this past year, but have always strived to fix it quickly and will consistently do this for our guests. We are confident that their will not be many issues arising this year.

Our inflatable kayak that lasted for a year, is having trouble staying fully inflated, so we have replaced it with a pedal boat that can seat up to 4 people (and one small child).

Moving forward, we plan to do some updating at Legacy. Last fall, we built a second bathroom down in our basement. We have been blessed with consistent weekly and weekend rentals, that we have not been able to completely finish it, however, this month, we were able to get all the walls up and partially painted.

Another update we want to add to our beautiful place, is replacing the outdated double sliding wood doors on our master bedroom. However, this will have to be delayed, due to adding an extra layer of shingles to part of our roof due to a long rainy winter last season.