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Although we have a binder full of information for our guests at the lake house, we will try to add quick overviews and additional information that is not in the binder.

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This section was updated in July 2022:

We just celebrated our two-year anniversary in February of owning our lake house! We have had to fix quite a few things over these past few years but have always strived to fix it quickly and will consistently do this for our guests. We are confident that there will not be many issues arising this year.

We still have our small fishing boat (comfortable for two adults or 3 children) with trolling motor that happens to be a big hit with our guests of all ages. We recently added 2-person kayak. We also bought a pedal boat that can seat up to 4 people (2 adults and 2 young children) and have replaced the pedals and recently replaced the steering mechanism. We continue to try our best to keep this all-in working order, but from time to time, we will have issues with them. So therefore, there is no guarantee what all will be up and running for our guests, but we continually strive to stay on top of it and fix anything as soon as possible. Guests are also welcomed to bring their own lake toys or boat, which can be launched from the lakes boat dock that we have access to. 

Last year, we built a second bathroom down in our basement. We have been blessed with consistent rentals; however, we finally were able to finish enclosing and painting it recently. 


Another update we have recently added to our beautiful place, is replacing the outdated master bedroom double sliding wood doors. We are so proud of the new look and extra privacy.

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