This page is intended to give our future guests a special look into what sets us apart over other vacation rentals:

*For the best guest experience, we have chosen not to do back to back bookings. We believe our guests should not be rushed out at a certain time, and by request are welcome to stay a few hours after the 11 am checkout, while we can still offer earlier check-ins most times as well. We also want to ensure a greater chance that any repairs or maintenance can be done between rentals.
*Sports fans: We have upgraded our cable so that guests can enjoy more entertainment, and we also offer Netflix for free. Plus, although our cable company does not offer the Sunday ticket football season option, we do offer the “Red Zone”, to include some NFL football games to our guests.
*Privacy: Although we do have neighbors on both sides, most of the rentals in our area are “too” close to other homes. We have space on both sides of our lake house, surrounded by 3 acres that we own behind.
*Optimum fishing experience: Our lake does allow motor boats. However, since we are in front of an island, motor boats are required to slow down, as if a no wake zone, which allows for a more relaxed fishing experience for our guests.
*Top notch cleaning: We don’t use a professional cleaning service, that most of the time, is well, not very clean. My sister in law, who takes great pride in her work and takes special care of our place, not just by deep cleaning it between rentals, but keeping an eye on anything that is wearing out, broken or needs current attention, and alerts me quickly on any special care that our lake house needs.
*Low rental rates: We offer lower rates than most of our competitors. We know that there are already fees associated with booking through VRBO and Airbnb, that we as owners also have to pay for, followed by our guests having to pay daily local PA taxes, so we lower our rates to accommodate everyone regardless of how few or how many guests there are. We want your stay to also be affordable, not just fun and relaxing.
*A compassionate host: Legacy lake house is hosted by us, not a professional or private host, who may get too busy to accommodate your needs, questions and concerns quickly. We care about our guests experience from start to finish. We want you to get the best experience that you can on your vacation, and will try our best to quickly respond to any of your needs.
*Updated features: Although our home is over 50 years old, we will continuously take care of it inside out. If something gets too old, worn out, or doesn’t work anymore, we strive to update it or replace it. Our guests will never be sleeping on old mattresses, deal with warn out furniture, or outdated features during your stay. We aren’t perfect, but constantly strive to make your stay as relaxing and comfortable as possible.