Our Story

I am an Arizona native, while my husband grew up in North Eastern Pennsylvania. For over twelve years, we have owned over 3 acres at Acre Lake, and planned on eventually building a home there, to enjoy during the summer months. Recently, we found this beautiful home for sale that sits next to, and in front of our property. Now, we get to share this lake house with others.

Meet the Team

Hi, my name is Rebecca Yurkanin. I am an Arizona native, with 4 children and 3 grandchildren. My husband, Matthew, was born and raised in Pennsylvania.

Rebecca Yurkanin

Founder & CEO

I am currently an eBay seller. I managed our vacation condo in Glendale Arizona for several years, prior to selling it a few years ago. My main goal is to make sure that our guests are completely comfortable while staying at our lake house.

Our Family

We live in Arizona

My daughter and her husband live in Arkansas with their three children. My oldest son is a Marine veteran. My husband has 10 of his siblings, their families and my father in law that all live in NEPA

We keep busy traveling with our hockey players. Yes, Arizona has ice hockey (all the rinks are inside).

I kept my guests happy while staying in our Glendale Arizona condo.

Next Steps…

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